Ok so it’s been a while. It may seem like I’ve dropped off the face of the planet, however, I more or less finished most of my office back in May/June of 2016, but have been preoccupied with the newest addition to my family. With our second baby being a boy, I now have one of each 🙂

Back to my office… So… mudding is slow, boring, and I won’t bother sharing too much of that with you. I spent a few nights mudding and sanding the walls and ceiling, then I moved on to paint. Now, I’ve always wanted a black room and even bought black paint for a previous house, but never got around to painting it. This time it’ll happen, but to a lesser extent that I originally purposed. As much as I’d like to paint everything black, the ceilings are low and the office isn’t very wide. I don’t want to make it seem small.

So I opted to just paint the two far ends of the office… (the concrete walls) black. The rest of the walls I just painted a silvery grey. The result…


I wasn’t overly excited at this point, but I thought it really came together when I started laying the flooring. I chose a medium dark laminate for the flooring, but I’ll leave that for the next post.

At this point I had the flooring to finish up, a desk to assemble and a few other touches and then I’d be home free. So that’s it for this post. Nothing too exciting, I’ll try and make the next one a little longer.