Ok so this post is mostly about a door, so if you feel that this post was a waste of your time by the time you finish reading it, you only have yourself to blame. You’ve been warned.

Feel free to continue browsing the web or whatever you were doing.

Have a nice day!

If you’re still reading I have some amazing news… This post is about two doors!!
Ok, so when I first bought this house there was a work desk in the basement, shown here.

Image 01 (09-21-2015)

This desk is merely a solid wood door laid flat, so after removing it from the wall etc. I was able to turn it back into a door. Obviously it was to high to work in this low ceiling office so I had to cut off some excess to make it fit. It also had to hinges or handle cut out so I took care of these few issues and presto… a mounted solid wood door.

Image 42

That should help keep some noise out/in as well. A little primer and paint and this door is as good as new.
Now I’ve had my eye open for a few weeks now for a decently cheap door for the main office entrance. Cheap doors don’t usually come in solid wood either. So being patient and carrying on with the rest of the project, eventually a door became available. I was involved in some commercial renovation and the construction team were removing some old, beautiful, mahogany-stained, solid-wood interior doors. With a little asking and a lot of effort, I was the proud new owner of this door. When I say a lot of effort I mean this thing was ridiculously heavy. I again cut the excess that I didn’t need off the bottom and mounted this beast as the entrance to the Subterranean Office.

Image 72

The great thing about how all this worked out was that I needed a door that was 36″ wide and they are harder to come by. This one was exactly 36″ wide. It’s funny how things work out sometimes. So that’s the doors for this office project. Both free, both solid wood, and both bringing me one step closer to completing my office.
If you took the chance and stuck it out to the end of this blog I hope you feel as though it was worth it. It’s been fun writing these blogs even though I’m mostly just doing it to catalog the changes I’m making so I can remember what I did.
Looking forward to finishing this project so I can get back to computer and tech related hobby’s. Hopefully if anyone is reading this you’ll enjoy some of these blogs as well.