I’m finished installing the drywall now and can’t wait to install some speakers, lights, switches, etc. I’ve started the mudding, but have quickly dropped that to install some fun stuff.
First up, my recessed lighting from Costco. I looked at different setups for recessed lighting but the easiest seems to be buying Costco’s all-in-one solution.
Image 28
These come with LED bulbs and are 75W equivalent, but actually only use 7W and output 480 lumens each. The color is a soft white, just touching the yellow spectrum, with none of that annoying bluish color. I’m fairly pleased with them, but they do emit a slight buzzing noise that gets louder when dimmed, so I’ll be looking for a better dimmer that will dim these lights using a different method. There’s multiple ways to dim lights, so each dimmer reacts differently with each brand and type of LED. Either way the LEDs are only for full light saturation of the room and more than likely will barely be used. So I’ll address this annoyance later.
Now for something a little more fun. Speakers!! I’m working with some rescued G6 Enforcers.
Image 66
They are about 10 years old, but they haven’t met their expiration yet and nor will they anytime soon. I’ll keep these going as long as I can. So I have these installed now and I connected them to my amplifier.
Image 69
I set some tunes on my phone and sat back to enjoy a little music and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised with their sound. I feel as though they have enough bass, so that’ll save me some extra cost not having to buy a subwoofer.
They have removable grills so I’ll be giving these speakers a pop of color later with a little spray paint. But we’ll save that for another day.
So the ceiling is insulated with Roxul sound insulation and the speakers are ceiling-mounted, but even with the speakers turned up to a normal listening level it’s hardly noticeable upstairs. This means that even less sound will make it into my office because the drywall offers a little more sound isolation which will be nice when I finally complete this project. I’m thinking the sound isolation may work better than I originally thought.
Either way, it’s time to get back to some boring stuff. I’ll be mudding the walls and ceiling the next weekend or two depending on how much time I get to work on it. I will skip blogging about that, since it’s not very exciting. After I’m done that I’ll show you some of the colors I picked out for the office. Then I’ll just have the floor left to do.
Until next time, stay classy!!