What’s an office without a beer mini fridge? What’s better than a mini fridge? A built-in mini fridge.

Image 19To do this was fairly easy. I just needed to remove half a stud and restructure the support a little. Now I can just have the doorway of my fridge in my office and this will add to making things a little quieter, since the motor in the back of the unit will be in another room where sound isn’t an issue. So glad I thought of this before I started everything. This would’ve been much harder to do later down the road.
So I’m not sure what else I can add to this post, but I’m not sure it needs anything. Maybe some beer recommendation comments. I will need to restock the fridge for the grand opening of my office!
If you’re waiting for an invitation I apologize. I’m the only one invited. Me, my games and a fridge full of well-deserved beer.