The second stage of my office build was to correct horribly wired electrical and to run lots of new data lines to connect me to the information superhighway (showing my age with this phrase, if you know it you’re probably getting old as well haha).

Image 12

[[Clean up on aisle 4]]
Okay so this is when the wiring was initially ran and very untidy. Let’s clean these up.

Image 16

That’s a little better. Also the first picture, at the beginning of the post, shows the main cable runs through the office. More were added to this later. You may notice a few speaker wires included here. That would be for the in-ceiling speakers. I thought they would be a great space saver. No surround sound planned yet, just four channels so far. More on speakers later during their install.

Image 27

I also had to sneak the cable path past some duct work, so I used some utility hooks to maneuver it around them.

As for the electrical, I pretty much removed everything including the previous home owners extension cord hard wiring (meaning an extension cord was cut and wired from a switch to a light). Was this safe… probably more or less. The wire was probably a high enough gauge to run a bulb, but was it up to code? Most definitely not 🙂
So I stripped the room down and started fresh by running two new circuits.
1) 15amp – for lights and 2 outlets (for data rack and misc)
2) 20amp – for work-space (computer builds), main computer gaming system and gaming laptop

Here’s some 12 gauge wire for the 20amp circuit. Haven’t worked much with 12 gauge, so I can tell you now, it’s only a little thicker, but it’s quite a bit harder to bend and squeeze back into the receptacle boxes.Image 13

And so another chapter ends… what’s next? Stay tuned and don’t touch that dial.