Okay, so my first post. Feels good to get back to blogging. The posts coming for the next few weeks will be following my adventures in renovating my basement office/computer lab/gaming room. Once that is complete who knows where I’ll go from there. The first picture was taken last year before I started anything. As you can see I have my work cut out for me, especially considering I only have weekends, etc to work on the place.

As you can see from the image I’m working with a low ceiling of about 6’5. With some areas becoming dangerously low due to pipes, ducts, lights, etc. There’s not much I can do about a lot of it, but those ducts rattle and bang out noise like nothing else plus the electrical work was done so horribly wrong.

In this photo you will see a even lower area which I will continue to use as a storage/utility area.

Image 02

This whole room in this next picture will become my office, measuring about 16′ long by 8.5′ wide. Although the height isn’t perfect, it’s more than sufficient. The first few weeks when I began this project started with a cleanup.
There were tons of shelves to remove (you can’t see them all in the above photos).

Image 06

And of course, the green outdoor carpet had to go.

Image 09

I decided to keep one of the old shelves from the back wall and re-use it my office. A new coat of paint and this sturdy shelf will have lots of years left.

And that’s it for my first post. Not super exciting, but it’s a start.

Next we’ll take on data wiring and electrical…